Aurora XAML Designer

Aurora XAML Designer 8.1

Aurora XAML Designer is a standalone design user interfaces for .NET 4.0
8.1.2214 (See all)

Aurora XAML Designer is a standalone design application written for software product architects who design user interfaces for .NET 4.0 applications, authors traditional style dialog boxes and windows using common controls.
Aurora generates the XAML markup required by Visual Studio® for developing .NET 4.0 applications and is used for creating rich graphics intended for use in WPF software applications.
Aurora supports loose XAML files, works in multiple layers and the output is optimized so that the individual graphics can be easily integrated with .NET code-behind.
Using XAML as its native file format Aurora allows the designer to hand-off the XAML files directly to the developer who can then bind the elements and finish the application, removing the risk of delays due to UI development changes. In the traditional UI development process the designer and developer work independently using different file formats with a management approval step upon completion of the design. If there are any changes made by the developer - for whatever reason - the UI must be reworked and re-approved.
Aurora for Architects streamlines the process even further by offering the designer predefined templates, eliminating the need to create them from scratch.

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